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What sets Karma Knot apart?

In a word — VALUE.

Hosting INCLUDED. We require our clients to host with us. Other companies will maintain your site no matter where you host. We don’t believe this is a good model, because so much of your online success is dependent upon the hosting platform you choose. We have partnered with Flywheel a major Managed Hosting platform for WordPress. We have made this a no-brainer – stop paying for substandard hosting. Our family of clients enjoys top shelf hosting at every subscription level. (Yes, really no additional cost)

SSL Certificate and CDN INCLUDED. We want you to succeed online. To prove that, we give you some things that you usually have to pay extra for. An SSL certificate encrypts all of the communications with your website – giving an added layer of security and helping your overall SEO. CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides a way to deliver the files of your site from a server closest to the person looking at your site so it loads faster.

Do I really get 20 Free Hours?

As a bonus for signing up with us, we will give you free 20 hours of web design or updates.

This is enough hours to create a website that we can build on over time if you don’t have a website yet.

It is also enough time to bring an existing website to a place where it looks current, and create a starting point to progress from as your business grows.

If managed hosting is included with all of your plans, what does that mean for my current hosting provider?

Great news! It means you can stop paying for substandard website hosting and that your WordPress site will be hosted on a platform built only for WordPress.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Yes, of course! We recommend our eStore+ Plan for e-commerce sites so that you and your customers will have the piece of mind of every security option we offer.

How do you handle multiple sites?

Our care plans only cover one WordPress install at a time. If you have more than one site, you will need more than one subscription plan.

What is the sign up process like?

Once you sign up for the plan you think would best fit your website management needs, we will send you an email with access to our secure on-boarding form. You will use this secure form to provide us with all the access information that we will need in-order to start the migration and management of your site.

The information we will be looking for will include, current website host, website login credentials, access to your domain registrar and more. With this information, our process is fairly seamless and in most cases we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours.

Further optimisation of your site once you have completed the on-boarding process can vary depending on the type of install you have (WordPress Core, Woo-commerce, Multi-site), the different types of plugins & the theme that you are currently running, however, we make sure to take our time to make sure the process is done right.

What if I want to stop using Karma Knot, what happens to my hosting?

If ever you decide to cancel your plan with us, no worries,  we will move your website to the host of your choice for free.

What’s with the weekly plugin updates? Why don’t you update them right when they come out?

Here are the main reasons:

  1. Plugin updates are not always awesome. Plugin updates can sometimes come with bugs. This leaves some time for those bugs to be worked out by the plugin developer, which leads to another update to fix a problem your site doesn’t have yet because we waited a little bit to update.
  2. To take advantage of off-peak hours. Plugin updates are not pushed to your live site until they have been updated and fully tested on a staging copy of your site. We push these changes during off-peak times to reduce the negative impact to your site’s visitors.

There is always an exception to the rule…for updates that fundamentally change a plugin (like WooCommerce 3.0) it takes longer for us to measure the impact making that update has to your site. We use a staging environment for all plugin updates, which keeps your live site running while we poke around to see if and what breaks with the update and figure out how to fix it. Once we’re done we push those changes over to your live site during those off-peak hours.

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