Site Changes

The most important thing about having a website is keeping it up to date. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your site is, if it’s not current, with up to date information, it’s making you look bad. If your site is out of date it seems to visitors like there is nothing going on with your business, and if there’s nothing going on with your business why should they be your customer?

We regularly update your site with the information you provide, to keep your site current and your customers informed. This can be things like blog content you have written, information on sales, upcoming events, staff changes, or anything else that you need to get up onto your site.

We make it a priority to keep your website current. We will stay in touch and remind you to visit your website regularly to see what changes need to be made to reflect what is currently going on at your business.

Design and Build

Web Development

We create dynamic, engaging, custom websites that attract and hold the interest of your target market.

We pride ourselves on creating products that not only have visual appeal but convey a message that connects with the intended audience. We build things from the ground up that help solve your problems, and the best part? Our sites work!

Your website is often the shop window into your brand and so it is imperative that it puts across the right message. Is it professional? Credible? Does it instill confidence in the viewer? These are all the things we consider with every new web design project. Your responsive site will look good on all screen sizes whether it’s a 42″ plasma screen or an iPhone.


Website Hosting

We host your website, so that we can ensure that all software maintenance and website updates are completed properly.  The hosting cost is included in the price.  When you sign up with us, we will move your website to our servers free of charge.  Should you decide to discontinue service with Karma Knot (we think you will be so happy with us that you never will) we will move your website to the host of your choice for free.

Maintenance and Support

Updates and Security

When we build something we know we’ll be able to support it going forward. Problem solving, technical tweaks, hosting, software updates, backups, security and performance monitoring are some of the support services we offer. We take care of all the technical details behind the scenes to keep your site safe.

Having your site hacked absolutely sucks. Nobody wants to have tasteless ads show up on their homepage or spam go out from their email. So we work hard to make sure your site is always malware-free. If it does get hacked, we fix it. For free.

We are experienced programmers and technicians. We have the skills to help you with any website you might have. Whether we’ve built your site or not, we will be happy to talk to you about your support requirements.

Sadly, one of the stories we hear too often is about how the people who built the website seemed to magically disappear after the last invoice was paid and when problems arise there’s no one who knows about the site. With some clients, all we do is support their sites, if and when they need it. If you want to know more about our services then get in touch.


Advanced Features Management

Advanced features are specific to the needs of your organisation.  Some examples of advanced features we can manage for you could include; integrations with other software, online courses, membership sites, email lists, integrations with other web services, but really anything is up for discussion.  In the past we have done things like shopify shops, infusionsoft, salesforce, teachable, corportate ERP, education ERP, and we are always open to working with whatever your organisation’s needs are.

As your organisation grows we can discuss the best options for your needs and then implement and manage them for you.



Signing Bonus

As a bonus for signing up with us, we will give you free 20 hours of web design or updates.

This is enough hours to create a website that we can build on over time, if you don’t have a website yet.

It is also enough time to bring an existing website to a place where it looks current, and create a starting point to progress from as your business grows.

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