I get asked this question all the time:  Do I really need a blog?

The short answer is: Yes, you should have a blog.

Why your business should have a blog:


Blogging is a great marketing tool

A blog can be a great marketing tool for every website.  Writing a blog will allow your readers to get more acquainted with you, your brand and your products.  A blog gives you a way to remind people you exist and bring them people back to your website.  You can let your audience know about what your busniess is working on, get some feedback in the comments and help build buzz for your new products.

Blogging Improves Your SEO

Any serious SEO strategy includes adding fresh content consitently.  Blogging is a good way to keep creating content so helping you to begin ranking in the search engines.  A consistent blog helps you to keep ranking for your most important keywords and also start ranking for new keywords.  An active blog causes Google to consider your site to be active, alive and relevant and this will definitely help your SEO rankings.


Blogging isn’t Easy

Writing is a skill.  To be a good blogger you need to have a knowlege of language and be able to write without spelling and grammer errors.  You also need to be creative and be able to communicate a message to others all the while keeping SEO and your audience needs in mind.

Start your Blog Now

If you have a website, you should blog.  Blogging is a marketing tool, it is great for your site’s SEO, and both of these are necessary to growing your business.