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All-Inclusive Website Management

So, you had a website built and put online. What’s next? Well, building a website is only half the battle, and if you’re like many of our customers, you need someone you can trust and rely on to give your web site the care it deserves both now and in the future.

Our website management service aims to provide just this.

If your website had a problem right now, who would you call? How quickly can you get in touch with your web developer? Did they put you with a third party hosting company? Who’s your domain registrar? These sound like simple questions but they can be frustrating to answer when your site is down and you’re losing money.

Our service is all-inclusive. By using us as your one-stop-shop, you can cut out the confusion and let us handle it for you.

Check out our pricing plans below. If you’re interested in talking to a specialist, chat with us now, or fill out our contact form.

Dependable Website Management Services

A premium website management service means premium features. You’ll get personal one-on-one support with your very own Canadian-based webmaster who is dedicated to your site.  And if you ever just need to chat or consult, your webmaster is only a phone call,  chat, or email away. Check out some other features of our website management services.



Friendly, un-biased support + advice

We know not everyone loves the technical stuff. We're here to help, no matter your skill level.
Technophobe no mo' >

Daily Backups

Never lose data with daily backups.

"I went to my site and there was just a white screen. Everything was gone." Not on our watch.
Every bit saved >

Managed Software Updates

No-headache, managed software updates

Who has time to track the constant security patches and updates for your site's software? We do. It's literally what we do all day.
And we love it >

Updated Design

An ugly site can turn off potential customers.

With website management your site is constantly being kept current, so the design will never look old.
No scary blinky text for you! >


Changes Done For You

Hate updating your website or just don’t know how? We’ll do all your updates, edits, and troubleshooting for you. Let us know what you need and we’ll handle it.

Your site needs to be updated regularly.  If your site is out of date it seems to visitors like there is nothing going on with your business, and if there’s nothing going on with your business why should they be your customer?
Keep'em coming back>

Happy Customers

Impress your customers.

Websites are a critical part of business development, marketing, and public information strategies. Your website is often the first place consumers will encounter your business.

Ongoing website maintenance is the best way to give your new clients a good first impression.
Make it a good one >

How do you know if it’s time to work with me?


If you ever find yourself saying something like this…


“um yeah… don’t bother going to my website, just send me an email”


…that’s when it’s time to reach out and start making a plan to get your website back into alignment with your business and brand so that you’re proud to utilize it as the powerful marketing tool it was meant to be.

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