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Online Business 101

Karma Knot’s goal is to make advanced online business strategies easy for you to understand and implement.  I’m going to help you get the online business basics down and cover a glossary of the commonly used terms to make this the most comprehensive resource possible.  All of these terms describe concepts used in the systems and strategies that I show you throughout Karma Knot.

Online Business 101 should take you from zero to having the internet business basics in place.  Those include, an online presence, an online point of sale, a product for sale, some interested buyers, and an email list manager.  If you don’t have these things set up yet then you are in the right place!


Online Business Basics

To move beyond the basics your business should have the following:

  • Online Presence
  • Online Point of Sale
  • Product for Sale
  • Email List
  • Interested Buyers

Email Marketing Provider

You need an email marketing service that manages emails for you.  Examples of these are companies like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, and Vertical Response. This is a non-negotiable expense for your business that helps you to organise, schedule,...

Mass Marketing

There was a time when the way to get a customer's attention was to buy a television commercial, radio commercial, or print advertisement because you had to market to everyone.  Using mass marketing, businesses had to reach the largest audience possible in order to...

Role Model Business

A role model business is a person or company that does something similar to what you want to achieve.  You can use the role model business to find answers to problems you are having in your business.  The role model business is your mentor without knowing it.  When...

Direct Response Marketing

This is the most common form of marketing you use as an online business owner.  It allows you to track, measure, and attract a specific niche audience.  It is about getting a direct response to calls to action like Sign Up! or Buy Now! etc.

Call to Action

In web design and in copywriting, the call to action is designed to get a response and create urgency.  The call to action is what tells the visitor exactly what to do next.  Think of the Download Now, Click Here, Buy Now, Sign Up Today buttons. Calls to action are...

Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is how you describe your business or ask for sale, in one or two sentences.  Online business owners tend to spend way too much time on this.  Unless you are making sales in person or to strangers, your elevator pitch will mainly be used when you...

Glossary of Online Business Terms

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