A role model business can be a great help when you find yourself stuck, or uninspired when working on our online business. You can use a role model business to find ways of doing things for your business. ?Here’s how to find a role model business.

  1. Google the keywords that apply to your business, product, and service to see what businesses appear on the first page or two of the search results.
  2. Single out at least one go-to business in your field. ?You want one that is charging a strong price and creating a desirable experience for their customers.
  3. Now you can study what your role model is doing right by finding the answers to
    • How do they present their products?
    • What is their About page like?
    • What do they call similar products?
    • How do they describe their brand?
    • What are their service policies?
    • What do they do better than you?
    • What do you do better than them?

Established businesses can provide ideas for copy-writing, marketing, and advertising research right on their website. ?All you have to do is pay attention and enjoy the boost to your learning curve.