Starting a new site is hard.  You write a bunch of content and you put it out there, but you get no traffic!  What should you do?

I’m going to teach you how to generate 10,000 visitors to your brand new site in six months in 7 steps.

Do you get over 10, 000 visitors to your site?

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How to generate 1oK visitors

So how do you generate over 10,000 visitors?  I am going to teach you not only how to generate 10,000 visitors but I will teach you how to generate 10, 000 visitors per month.

Step 1.  Create Content

You need to ideally produce at least two pieces of content for your site each week.  Three is even better.  If you do this consistently, you can get to the traffic numbers we are talking about here.

Step 2.  Use the Skyscraper Technique

No matter what space you are in, your competition is already creating content and getting traffic in that space.  You can use tools like SEMrush or Ubersuggest to see what is popular, what is getting the most traffic,  and what kind of articles are driving traffic to them so that you can create similar ones.  This is how you leverage the skyscraper technique, you find an article that is popular on a competitor’s site and then you write something similar but that is ten times more detailed and contains way more valuable content than your competitor’s article did. Now don’t be a copycat, the point here is to write your own amazing article, not to plagiarize theirs.  Make your article so good that people think it is so amazing that they can’t believe their luck in finding such a good article and they may even share it or link to it…because it is just that good!

Step 3.  Email your Links

Now that you have posted your amazing article, you want to email all the people you linked out to in your article.  When you are writing your blog post, you will naturally link out to other sites to back up your statistics, or your data, and when you link to people you should email them.

Hi Ann,

I’m a huge fan of your work.  I’m such a big fan that I even linked to your site in my latest blog post.

Feel free to check it out here: <insert link>

If you enjoyed it, please feel free to share it.



With a simple note like that, you will be able to get people like Ann to share your post on their social media.  Asking them to link back to you, might be too pushy.  But even just getting them to share your article on social media will go a long way to helping you to get more traffic.

Step 4.  Email the Top Social Posts

The next thing I want you do do is go to BuzzSumo and put in your competitors URL then select ‘view shares’ on their most popular articles.  This will show you all the people who share similar types of content.  Now I want you to email them.

Hi Ann,

I noticed you shared XYZ article from site ABC.  I have a similar article out but mine covers 123 that their article didn’t. <insert link>

If you like it, feel free to share it.



By doing this simple step, you’re going to get more social shares on top of the ones you gained in step 2.  This is how you can get your traffic generation rolling.

Step 5.  Collect Email Addresses

If you don’t collect emails, you’re not going to get people back to your site.  You might already be getting some people to come back once or twice.  But you want them to come back again and again.  You can use free tools like HelloBar or  Mailchimp to collect email addresses.  These tools are simple and they will allow you to collect email addresses through popups and sliders and also even send out messages.

Step 6.  Get Push Notification Subscribers

You can use things like PushCrew or to get people to subscribe to your site when they visit it through their browser.  This is a really simple way to get more people to come back.

Step 7.  Create a Blast!

Now that you have an email list and a push notification list the next step is to send out a blast to those people.

Hi Subscriber

Having a successful facebook page isn’t just about how much stuff you can put up there.  It’s also about how you design your page.

If you want more traffic from facebook follow these simple steps.

The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes to implement these changes.



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Make sure you send out a blast to all your subscribers every time you release new content.


You’re going to repeat steps 1-7 over and over again.  From creating content to emailing people you link to, to contacting similar social shares, to sending out the blasts. To be successful at this, make sure you are going after a big enough market.  When you do all of that, you will get to 10K visits a month in 6 months.

If you enjoyed this post comment below and share it with others.  Thank you for reading my post today.